So my good bye barbie ended more in a indoor picnic but that was fine too. Everyone loved my cake and it was nice to have everyone around, one last time before I'm off. It all ended in one of my favourite bars here in Moabit, we got kicked out by the staff at 4 when we were the last customers left haha. 
The day after J, one of my flatmates, and his girlfriend cleans the whole space while I was in bed not feeling well at all... 
Today I went and got a pair of jeans for my boyfriend and the sales person thought is was for me and asked how I'm going to wear them... Jeans 8 sizes too big... Sure. That was a good laugh! 
So tomorrow it might be my final shift at F, the cafe I'm working at and where I hope to stop working, so sick of it, and then I'm meeting kind of my closest friends here for dinner and drinks. Looking forward!
And then it is almost already time to start packing!!! 
Oh it's so close and I'm super excited now!!!



my room looks as if a bomb hit it... There is just no time to clean it seems like... Today I handed in the last project of this semester, the stupid hiking map, will be interesting to hear the grade, but it does not really matter to me anyway...
So friday I have an exam and then there will be my Good-bye-barbie but the weather prediction does not look promising at all... so it might end up in an indoor thing... we will see. fingers crossed!
weather in Berlin been pretty shit lately again. it feels like autumn not spring and I'll have autumn and winter soon anyway so gimme spring please!
Today I went to the new apple store here in Berlin, and I don't like it. it feels as if you are on a giant bazar and not an actuall shop... it took ages until someone came, still I made an appointment... but in the end I got a brand new iPhone 5 which took 4 minutes to take home then. so I am happy in the end.
Went to & other stories with my flatmate cause he hasn't been there before but it is just not in my budget to buy anything there atm :( just saving money money money, going on my nerves.
well. I study now for this boring exam on friday!
so soon I'll be back in Melbourne with my boyfriend, all I can think of and the only thing that motivates me right now!


15 days and 16 hours.

I am so super excited. as you see in the titel, it is definitly not not long at all until I'm back in Australia. An so much exciting stuff is going to happen. I can't really believe it.

I will have to interesting internships in cartography, which will look great on my cv and will be super intersting for myself.
I will see heaps more about Melbourne and expirience the Melbourne life finally.
I will have a good friend in Melbourne for almost the whole time.
I will go on a vacation to Fiji, which is just the most amasing thing ever, or almost.
I will see snow in Australia!
I will go to Sunshine Coast (how can a place named like this?) and Noosa and Brisbane.
I might see Ulluru too.
I will live together with my boyfriend for 4 months! The longest time ever!
We will spend our two year anniversary together!
I will start the first course out of my Master Degree!

So until then. I just have a few things to do, as finishing a hiking map, finishing the layout of a hiking map, write three exams, hopefully get a scholarship, get travel insurance sorted, buy some presents, enjoy the start of summer in Berlin, a short visit at home with a lot of beer involved...

Stay tuned, it will be atemraubend!


need more time!

I have too much to do. My to do list is getting longer and longer every second it seems like. But the most depressing is probably that none of my close friends here in Berlin have time to meet the weekend before I am leaving due to strange reasons. it makes me sad. And I am already sad because of the mass of work I still have to do. At least I found a nice girl who is subleasing my room. We are signing the contract on Saturday.

Write four exams (13.Mai, 21.Mai, 22.Mai and 24.Mai)
Hand in two projects (17.Mai and 22.Mai)
Hand in a scholarship application (latest 15.Mai, still need my language certificate)
get an internatinal driving licence
buy a cabin bag with weels
fix health insurance
buy a bag for my camera (from Crumpler, but the Australian ones are much better then the European ones... dillema!)
Go home for the annual beerfestival and my mums birthday (17.Mai until 20.Mai)
Meet friends in Berlin before I leave
Sell some stuff to get money
Work to get money
Buy more analog filmrolls
Buy presents for people in Australia
and the list goes on and on and on...


it looks like I might stay in australia the whole 4 months of my break in the end anyway. this would be so amasing! Cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong now. waiting for the second internship agreement to be send back to me, need the signature of my supervisor and then change my flight booking, finish my scholarship applications and then I am off for a wonderful time! Kabuuum!


I started all over again with for my uni project. the hiking map. and I did get a lot done last night. So I should stick with it and work, work, work. but I am tired, we have a public holiday tomorrow and my friends are meeting tonight, does not sound good to work right? but then my dad is coming in two days and I don' know how long he will stay but I am looking forward to it and it will be fine.
I ordered some sunglasses but non of them overwhelmed me, if sunglasses are able to do that... another one should come friday, so we will see... should get some food into my stomache if I want to go out tonight and drink?! oh oh.


I'm frustrated. I have to do a project for uni, a hiking map. something I will never want to do for a living. seriously never. you scan a topological map, insert it in illustrator and then repaint everything just with the details you need. as in my case, hiking routes... boring! I'd rather learn how to program stuff and more fun things! argh.